The Path

What is The Path?

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The Path is a recurring four-week self development program designed to kickstart (or restart) your relationship with self-discipline. It is a group of like-minded men who share the same goal: To better themselves not only over the course of four weeks, but for the rest of their lives. To become the best fathers, husbands, and warriors possible, guided by their own courage and discipline.

Here are the rules:

The Path is 4 weeks long.

There are 4 main requirements to stay on The Path:


  • “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
  • You must only consume natural, healthy foods. Specifically, you cannot consume any soy, corn syrup, vegetable/seed oils, or any other similar garbage. 

    You ARE encouraged to eat a diet plentiful in animal fats and proteins, fruits, vegetables (especially fermented vegetables like kimchi and sauerkraut). Eat like your ancestors did, before the mass afflictions of modern metabolic disease. The general rule of thumb to follow is if it existed before the 1900’s, it’s probably okay.


  • “In the course of history many more people have died for their drink and their dope than have died for their religion or their country.”

  • You must not consume ANY pornography, illicit drugs (including marjiuana) or alcohol. Whatsoever, at any point. Caffeine is acceptable, so long as it’s not in excess or to the point where you rely on it. If you feel that you are addicted, STOP for the duration of The Path.


  • “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." 

  • You must do your best to complete all of the workouts for the week. There are 4 lifting sessions and 5 conditioning sessions per week. They can be done on any day, depending on your schedule. A basic gym setup is necessary. If you miss a workout, don’t beat yourself up too much, but consider them mandatory.


  •  “Evil is cleansed away by bloody lashes, and a scourging to the inmost being.”

  • Every morning, without exception, take a cold shower. Turn the shower on the coldest setting possible and get in without hesitation. Remain in the shower for as long as you need. This is purely a discipline-building exercise, although there are many other benefits. It doesn’t need to be a full shower, just a rinse. My rule of thumb is that I stay in there until my body “calms down”, usually around 30 seconds.


    Throughout the duration of the program, I’ll be posting tips and helpful advice for those on The Path. Your responsibility to the other men on The Path is simply support through brotherhood. Keep each other accountable. Post your struggles and your victories. Help each other stay on The Path.


    Things you’ll need:

    1. Gym access 

    I’ve designed the workouts to where you should be able to get by with a decent home gym setup, including:

    Barbell and plates

    Squat rack





    If you don’t have all of these items, you can easily substitute exercises. If you need help, ask.


  • A kitchen to cook in

    The Path will be difficult if you’re in a college living situation where you can’t cook your food.


  • Willpower

    We are overcoming our vices and flawed human nature. Without drive and self-determination, you will fail. We will all help each other stay on The Path.


    Helpful tips:


    1. Pray. Read scripture. Go to church. Draw strength from God.
    2. Develop a routine. Those who are most successful on The Path will be those who are fully invested, but also create a sense of normalcy around what we’re doing.
    3. Use your own best judgment when completing the workouts. Work hard, but don’t hurt yourself.
    4. Drink water. Most people don’t drink enough. Plain and simple. Preferably filtered.
    5. If you find yourself having difficulty resisting temptation, DO SOMETHING. Go on a walk, read, listen to music, hit the heavy bag - but do not give in. That’s what “they” want you to do.


    The current run of The Path is: 7/17/22 - 8/13

    Guide to The Path


    Workouts (Beginner)

    Workout Guide

    The confidence to win.

    Your success in life depends on how sure you are of yourself - whether we want to admit it or not, your physical appearance and strength are some of the most important factors. I want you to feel like you're in charge of every room you walk in to.

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    Never stop growing.

    I don't believe in "cutting" and "bulking". We will focus on making you the biggest and strongest and LEANEST possible, constantly improving and never taking three steps forward and two back.

    Stop spinning your wheels.

    I build each one of my clients' training programs based on their specific goals, schedule, etc. Your training will evolve week to week as you become stronger. Never feel stagnant and unmotivated again.