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I am a fitness professional with over 12 years of coaching experience, beginning in 2011 when I started as a personal trainer. I have since owned a combination strength/powerlifting/olympic weightlifting gym, competed in various Powerlifting and CrossFit competitions, and am working toward achieving the perfect blend of strength, size, and athleticism. Fitness is a relentless pursuit, and it is never over. I've been everywhere in the fitness industry and done a lot of things, and this has given me the advantage of multiple perspectives on fitness. My greatest strength lays in helping guys break past plateaus and simultaneously achieve a lean, but muscular physique.

I began training in 2009 at a whopping bodyweight of 175lb. Always a skinny kid growing up, I never paid much attention to my strength or physique. I was always the tall, lanky guy at 6'5" tall.

Like a lot of you, I was tired of being thin. I realized that a key part to achieving what I wanted in life would be the result of becoming stronger and more physically developed. This is an undeniable truth - the more physically capable and imposing you are, the more you are able to thrive in the world around you - from social life to moving furniture or surviving hostility, the benefits of being big and strong are far-reaching.
Throughout my years learning and experimenting with everything training and nutrition-wise that I could, I have developed a way to bring optimal performance to you. Now, this is what I do full-time to support my family and our small homestead.

Height 6'5" 6'5"
Weight 175lb 240lb
Bench Press 135lb 405lb
Back Squat 175lb 585lb (in competition)
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randy deadlift

A training plan optimized for YOU

I design training strategies for each of my clients individually, taking into consideration your goals, training history, schedule, and equipment, to create a "living" program that grows with you. No pre-built "8 week" programs here - I am adjusting your training WEEKLY to ensure you're getting the most out of each workout.

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All of my clients stay in contact with me weekly. You'll update your training logs in my app each time you work out - but I also expect you to provide me with feedback to help me keep the program working for you. Nothing is written in stone - it's all about working together to become the strongest, fastest, most versatile version of yourself possible.

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Private Telegram Chat*

Exclusive coaching clients will be admitted access to my private Telegram chat that is only for THOSE clients. For these clients, there is a short application process to ensure that we maintain a community of high quality, motivated men who will contribute to the group.

Topics in this chat are partially initiated by me, but are driven by the members. Discussions range from training and nutrition to politics, religion, financial prowess, family life, and everything in between.

This is NOT a casual group for guys who are not serious about improving themselves.