1:1 Coaching / FAQ

If you're ready to become the strongest and most athletic you've ever been, you've come to the right place. Chances are, you came here from my IG page, so you understand how I approach life and training. It's no different than how I coach my clients.

Disclaimer: I maintain a limited number of spots for new clients, so I cannot guarantee when one will be open. Message me for availability.

  • I develop all of my clients' programs from the ground up. From our initial assessment to my presentation of your first training block, your specific goals, training history, schedule, and equipment will be at the forefront of my focus as I build a program and nutrition plan specifically for you.
  • After a Zoom call where we go over your goals and how I can help you, you will fill out an assessment form.
  • All of your training will be delivered to you via my app, where you'll log your training for me to review and update each week.
  • You will also receive a nutrition plan to follow during our training, based on your goals.
  • There is no prerequisite ability level to work with me. What I am looking for is drive and work ethic, consistency, and communication. If you have these in you, and a spot is available, I will work with you. 










How do I sign up?

After you send me a message and we discuss your goals, i'll make you an account on my coaching app. Then, you'll fill out an official assessment form that i'll use to design your first training block. It typically takes 2-4 days for me to develop a strategy and nutrition plan for you. After it's finished, we will do a phone call to go over how the program works, how to approach your nutrition plan, and i'll answer any initial questions you may have.

Do I have to already be an advanced athlete?

No! I have clients at every level, from beginners to competitive athletes. It is preferential that you have at least some experience with weight training, as it is difficult for me to teach a complete beginner how to move their body and external loads properly without being there. I prefer that new athletes at least have a basic understanding of and ability to complete a back squat, bench press, and deadlift with, at minimum, safe technique.

How do I know if you have spots open?

I often announce on my Instagram page when I have a spot open. Or, don't hesitate to ask!

How long will I work with you?

As long as you want. There is no long-term payment commitment or contract. You can cancel anytime, for any reason.

How many days per week do I have to train?

Again, this depends entirely on the athlete's schedule. Since I design each program to accommodate you specifically, your training schedule will reflect the availability you have to work out.


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