Weds 12/15/21


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AWESOME job last week with some of the testing! We are entering a new cycle of training in which we will aim to increase your explosiveness, or VELOCITY potential. Think of your one-rep max this way: The difference between a light lift and a heavy lift is the speed at which you are able to move the weight - so, if we can increase your explosive power and get you moving weights QUICKER, we can thus also increase the amount of weight you are able to lift.
This week, focus on lifting explosively but with perfect form.
I'm anticipating plenty of feedback, so leave a comment with how the workout felt, any problems you encountered, or any questions you have. EVERYBODY should be leaving a comment detailing their performance in each portion!

A) Run


1 mile for time

*How fast can you get a mile in?! Flat ground is preferable, and a track is even better. A treadmill, however, will do. What's important is you conduct this test on the same surface each time.

B) Plyo Push-up

4x5 demo

C) Bench Press

8x3 @ 65% of 1rm demo

*Lift EXPLOSIVELY. Do not pause at the bottom, and try your best not to pause too long between reps. I want the bar moving with SPEED. That being said, don't crash the bar onto your chest! Rest about 30-45 seconds between sets.

D) Push Jerk

3x6 demo

*You can go much heavier on these than a shoulder press. It's a core to extremity movement - meaning that it's all about timing! Transfer the power from your legs, to your hips, to your shoulders. THROW the bar!

E1) Dual Kettlebell Skull Crusher

4x12 demo

*If you don't have kettlebells, you can use dumbbells. Kettlebells are great for this because we can get the weight so low - but dumbbells are fine too!

E2) Dumbbell Concentration Curl

4x12 ea arm w/ 1-sec hold @ top demo


G) Incline Dumbbell Curl

5x10 demo

H) Anchored Leg Lower

 Accumulate 30-60 reps depending on ability demo


1. Spend 10-30 minutes outside barefoot in grass/dirt etc. Connect yourself to the earth.

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