Tuesday, 2/8/22


For the rest of this week, we will be determining your 5-rep maxes. We will use this information to determine your estimated one-rep max that you'll use for the remainder of this training cycle. I'll include a link to a calculator so you can presume your one-rep max based off of your new 5rm. Make sure you write these numbers down for reference during the rest of the training block.

This week will be somewhat less volume, intentionally. Think of it as a primer for next week, where we will be drastically INCREASING volume, building your base up for the rest of the training block.

Another important theme in this training block is FORTIFICATION. We will be using specific assistance exercises to decrease your vulnerability to training injuries, something too many of us neglect.

Expect subsequent training blocks to follow the "season" of the year - challenging our metabolic system and getting the pumps going in the warm months, buttoning down and building serious amounts of mass in the cold ones.

Glad you all are here for the ride.

First time? Check out the Training and Warmup Guide HERE

A) Plyo Push-up

7x2 demo

*30s rest between sets

B) Bench Press

Establish a 5-rep max demo

C1) Cable Fly

4x12 @ RPE 8


C2) Palloff Press

4x12 ea side (band or cable)


D1) Plate Pinch Press

3x30 sec of controlled reps


D2) Sprinter Crunch

3x30 sec of controlled reps



1. www.getrawmilk.com


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