Tuesday, 2/22/22


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Working volume again, this time focus is on upper pushing. Let's work hard but also try to keep our joints healthy so we don't derail future training. Don't forget to warm up and mobilize.

I've got a really good upper body prehab movement I do with a barbell and a band on my IG page. Shoot me a message on there and i'll link you to it! -Randy

A) Row

30s FAST 30s REST x10min

This is the ULTIMATE way to build aerobic conditioning and v02 max.

B1) Plyo Push-up

6x3 demo

B2) Band Pull-apart


6x8 demo

C) Bench Press

9x3 @ 55% of 1rm (or 45% + light bands)

*30 sec rest

*This is SPEED work! Every set should be a cluster of 3 lightning fast reps, no pausing on the chest.

D) Seated DB 1 and 1/2 shoulder press

5x10 demo

First push goes from the shoulder to the point of most tension, back down, then all the way up.

E1) DB Partial Swing

4x15 demo

Go heavy, weights only need to move a little bit. These take getting used to if you're used to controlling weights and not swinging them.

E2) Face Down Incline Rear Delt Fly

4x15 demo


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