Tuesday, 2/15/22

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We are OFFICIALLY on the TrainHeoric App now and we are pumped about it! This app allows us MASSIVE improvements over doing things on this page:


- Training logs! Something we've wanted to do since we started this program was to have a way for you guys to easily go through your workout without having to open the website, AND plug your performance in directly to the app.

- Tracking of performance throughout each exercise, 1/3/5rm's automatically saved and shown to you when the same exercise pops up. You can see your history for every exercise you've done on the app, so no more having to remember.

- Chat system to keep in touch and discuss training with the other guys on Algiz Black along with one "Leaderboard" exercise each workout to encourage some healthy competition.

- Readiness insights: You can track your stress/sleep/mood over time and the app automatically generates an analysis of when your best/worst training days are.

Guys, this app is legit. We are going to switch everyone over to it over the rest of this month. We will continue to post the programming on here AND in TrainHeroic until everybody has gotten a chance to download it, so don't worry.

You will have to sign back up again via the app. Once you do that, you can cancel your membership on this website, so you aren't getting charged double. Price is staying the same. If something happens and you end up getting charged twice or anything similar happens, LET US KNOW and we will fix it!

PLEASE get signed up on the app as soon as possible so we can make this transition smooth! Once you do, cancel your membership on the website OR email me at randy@highriskfitness.com and i'll take care of it for you!



First time? Check out the Training and Warmup Guide HERE

Alright guys, we've got your 5-rep maxes AND estimated 1-rep maxes that you'll now use for any relevant percentage work throughout the rest of this training block. Again, this block is focused on preparing us for a hypertrophy training phase in the warmer months, so expect plenty of "basic" strength-focused work as well as plenty of movements to get the pump on.

A) Single-arm Med Ball Push-up

3x5 ea arm demo

*30s rest between sets

B) Bench Press

2x6 @ 75% 1rm (remember to use your new estimated 1rm!)

1xMax reps @ 75%


C) After 1 empty bar warmup set, perform 2 sets of the following complex, using the most weight possible:

Upright Row x6 demo

Push-up x6 demo

Shoulder Press x6 demo

Push-up x6

Barbell Row x6 demo

Push-up x6

D) Sir Charles Lateral Raise

4x10 demo

E) Tricep Cable Rope Pushdown

7x8 w/ 30-sec rest between demo

F) Neck Flexion

4x12 demo


1. Sign up on the app! <---

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