Tuesday, 12/28/21


Dr Fred Hatfield was a badass lifter, and the inventor of the Hatfield Squat, an exercise i'm going to have you guys try today. A lot of you won't have the necessary equipment to accomplish this lift - that's okay. There are ALWAYS alternatives.

First time? Check out the Training and Warmup Guide HERE

Let's hammer those legs, fellas

A) Hatfield Squat

4x5 with the heaviest possible weight demo

*You can do WAY more than your 1rm back squat on these. If you don't have a safety squat bar, I want you to do heavy leg presses with the same rep scheme. If you're training in a home gym, hit heavy box squats!

B1) Dumbbell Walking Lunge

 3x12 (6 ea leg) demo

B2) Box Jump

3x30 sec of max reps to a 20" box demo

C) Banded Prone Hamstring Curl

4x12 FAST, super explosive reps demo

*If you start to slow down before the 12th rep, stop the set. No grinding on these!

D) McGill Sit-up

3x12 ea side demo

E) Single Leg Leg Extension

3x15 ea leg demo

*I want you starting at a 45 degree bend, no more. Just locking out!


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