Tuesday, 12/21/21


Kyler's 13 week transformation working with me. Super impressed with his dedication and wanted to share it with you all!

First time? Check out the Training and Warmup Guide HERE

 Today I want you guys to dig deep for EXPLOSIVENESS. Part of being a well-rounded athlete is being able to generate force QUICKLY and from a dead stop, and that's the focus of today's training.

A1) 1 and 1/4 squat (narrow stance - hip width)

5x2 @ 70% of 1rm back squat demo

A2) Trap Bar Jump

5x3 demo

*If you don't have a trap bar, you can use dumbbells.

B) Deadlift


10x1 @ 70% of 1rm.demo

*60 sec rest - do these reps explosively, but with good technique. Get down into your setup position and get tension on the bar, then squeeze the bar up quickly. Be careful not to hyperextend your low back at the top - squeeze your glutes!

C) Romanian Deadlift w/ bands forward

3x7 @ 50% of 1rm deadlift


*If you don't have a setup like this, you can wrap one end of the band around the middle of the bar and the other end around the upright post of a squat rack/pull-up bar etc. If you don't have bands at all, just do regular RDL's with 60% of 1rm.

D) Side Neck Raise

3x15 ea side demo

E) McGill Sit-up

3x12 ea side demo


1. Assess your warmup - the official Algiz Black one is great, but what can you add to it to make it work even better for you specifically?

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