Tuesday, 12/14/21


First time? Check out the Training and Warmup Guide HERE


Let's work on them Rhodie legs today, fellas!


A1) Depth Jump

5x3 demo

A2) Burpee

5x5 demo

*Use these as a full-body warmup and heart rate accelerator between sets of depth jumps.

B) 1 and 1/4 back squat

1x5 @ RPE 5

1x5 @ RPE 6

2x5 @ RPE 9


*RPE 9 should be around 70-80% of 1rm back squat, depending on how good you are at driving through your sticking point.

C) Dumbbell Dead Jump

4x3 demo

D) Dumbbell Walking Lunge

4x12 (6 ea leg) demo

E) McGill Sit-up

3x12 ea side demo


1. Do you supplement with vitamin D in the winter? Why or why not? Post thoughts to comments.

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