Tuesday, 10/5/21

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Week 1, day 2. Off to a great start. A few of you guys have already reached out about your first session. Remember, building strength, muscle, or shedding fat take time. Improving your athleticism doesn't happen overnight. We're in it for the long haul, fellas.

I'm anticipating plenty of feedback, so leave a comment with how the workout felt, any problems you encountered, or any questions you have. EVERYBODY should be leaving a comment detailing their performance in each portion!

A) Med Ball Toss


10 throws demo

B) Shoulder Press

5-3-1, building to the heaviest possible set of 5, the heaviest 3, then the heaviest single for the day. demo

C) Sir Charles Lateral Raise

4x10 demo

D) Face Down Incline Rear Delt Fly

3x10, 1xMax w/ same weight demo

E1) Incline Dumbbell Curl

5x10 w/ slow descent demo

E2) Dumbbell Skull Crusher

5x10 demo

F1) Dumbbell Hammer Curl

4x10 w/ 3-sec hold about 15 degrees short of full extension demo

F2) Band Tricep Pushdown

4x15 FAST explosive reps demo

*When doing band work, remember to be explosive. Once you start moving the band slowly, cut the set off, no matter what rep you're on.


Tomorrow morning, take a cold shower. As cold as you can get the water. It doesn't have to be for too long - 10 to 30 seconds will do. The victory lays in not hesitating before jumping in, and trying to slow your breathing under the cold.

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