Tuesday, 1/25/22


The strength community recently lost a man by the name of Bud Jeffries recently. By all accounts, he seemed like a very good dude, helped in his local community and brought a ton of knowledge and motivation to guys all over the world. His IG is still up if you want to check out what he was all about. A true legend of odd lifts and unfathomable brute strength.

First time? Check out the Training and Warmup Guide HERE

A) 3 sets w/ 1 min between:

Dumbbell Straight Arm Lat Pull x10 demo

Shin hop to box jump x1 demo

Dead Bug x10 (5 ea) demo

C) Back Squat

4x5 @ 65% 1rm


*These should feel relatively easy. I want you to put your focus on balance and position. I want you to be conscious during every second of the descent and ascent, feeling where the bar is balanced over your feet, and really trying to get in tune with what a "perfect" rep feels like. PAY ATTENTION!

E) Sumo Romanian Deadlift

 3x8 @ 50% 1rm deadlift


*Just like last week. The main difference between these and a regular sumo deadlift is the hip position remains high even after the bar descends below the knee. 

E) Hang Muscle Snatch

6x3 demo

*Go light on these, especially if you haven't done them before, and work on understanding the idea of core to extremity lifting. The power comes first from the hips, then to the shoulders, arms, and finally the wrists. Imagine the line of action of throwing something. The power moves from your core to your farthest extremity. Same rule applies here.

F) Single-leg Leg Extension

3x15 ea leg demo

*FULL extension and a 1 second hold at the top. Go light and really focus on contracting hard.

G1) Single-leg Hip Bridge

3x10 ea leg demo

G2) Russian Twist

3x30 (15 ea side) demo


1. As i've been stressing, i'd like you to use deload week to plan out your goals for the next 8-12 weeks of training. If you want to share those here, even better.

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