Tuesday, 1/18/22


First time? Check out the Training and Warmup Guide HERE

A) Seated Box Jump

10x to highest SAFE box height


B) 3 sets w/ 1 min between:

Walking Lunge x20 (10 ea) demo

Palloff Press x15 ea side demo

Dead Bug x10 (5 ea) demo

C) Back Squat

4x2-2-2 @  80-82.5% 1rm


*Each set is a total of 6 reps (2-2-2) with a 20-second rest between each mini-set. Each set goes like this: 2 reps, 20 second rest, 2 reps, 20 second rest, 2 reps. Rest 3-5 minutes between sets.

E) Sumo Romanian Deadlift

 3x8 @ 50% 1rm deadlift


*The main difference between these and a regular sumo deadlift is the hip position remains high even after the bar descends below the kne. 

E1) Banded Prone Hamstring Curl

4x12 FAST, super explosive reps demo

*If you start to slow down before the 12th rep, stop the set. No grinding on these!

E2) McGill Sit-up

3x12 ea side demo


1. DM me some training videos!!!

2. Make sure you're logging your workout in the comments!

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