Thursday, 2/24/22

Continuing on our volume accumulation, we're focusing on the lower body again, but not hitting heavy squats this time. Instead, we are going to get some pulling volume in. Your hamstrings and glutes are going to be hammered after today! Because we aren't going above 70% on the deadlift, you have the opportunity to focus A LOT on your technique. Today, I want your focus to be on consciously contracting your glutes throughout the "up" portion of the lift. You won't be able to until you're all the way stood up, but TRYING to will get them to fire.

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A1) Single-leg Squat To Box

4x8 ea leg demo

Lower yourself slowly to the box.

The right target height is as low as you can go without losing tension and "dropping", so whatever height allows you to maintain control throughout the range of motion.

A2) Good Morning

4x7 with an empty bar demo

Take these nice and slow. Empty bar only. Feel the hamstrings stretch, then squeeze the glutes hard on the way up. It's important that you intentionally do that.

B) Deadlift

6x6 @ 70% 1rm


C) Lat Pulldown

4x12 1 & 1/2 reps demo

1 rep = down, halfway up, down, all the way up

D) Back Extension

3x10 demo

Hold a weight plate across the chest if possible

E) Single Leg Hamstring Curl

3x5 ea leg demo

Up with both legs, down with 1. SLOW eccentric (3-5 sec)

F) Abdominal Circuit

4 sets:
Hollow Rock x10 demo
Bicycle Crunch x20 (10 ea) demo


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