Thursday, 2/17/22


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A) Depth Jump

5x3 demo

B) Sprint

4x10 sec FULL SPEED

C) Overhead Squat

5x3, building each set to the heaviest possible for the day. If you're new to this and need to just stick with the empty bar or PVC pipe for the day, that's fine too!


D) Dumbbell Renegade Row

4x12 demo

E) Front Squat

6x3 @ 80% 1rm demo

(If 1rm front squat is unknown, use 60-70% of estimated 1rm back squat)

*If you're having trouble with these, try the "California style" grip.

F) Trap Bar Jump



*Go light, it's all about VELOCITY!

G) Using a DB weight of your choice, perform 2 sets:

Lunge x4
Dumbbell Overhead Press x4
Lunge x4
Dumbbell Curl x4 (cheating okay)
Lunge x4
Single-arm Dumbbell Snatch x4 (4 ea arm, 8 total)



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