Thursday, 2/10/22


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Next week, we will begin to release weekly videos by Evan and Randy describing the intention of the week's workouts along with other valuable coach's notes to make your training more effective and worthwhile. Another way for us to help you continue on this journey.

A) Single-leg Squat To Box


3x5 ea leg demo

B) Trap Bar Jump

6x3 light and fast demo

Anywhere between the empty bar and 45's. The goal is SPEED generation.

C) Back Squat

Work to a 5-rep max demo

Use this calculator to determine your estimated 1-rep max, which you will use for the remainder of this cycle. WRITE THIS DOWN along with your Bench press 5rm!

D1) Landmine Ab Rotation

3x6 ea side


D2) Dumbbell Front Rack Reverse Lunge

3x6 ea leg


F) Prone Hamstring Curl



*If working out without a hamstring curl machine, do banded hamstring curls. If you're doing these banded, do them EXPLOSIVELY. If your gym has a seated hamstring curl machine, that is fine too, but prone is preferable.


1. What are your personal goals outside of fitness for this year?

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