Thursday, 12/30/21


We've got a lot of new members on the scene this week. Welcome to Operation Algiz Black, guys. If you haven't read the Training Guide (link below) make sure you do that before you start! It's full of information on how to warm up, explanations on how to approach the sessions, etc. If you have any questions, hit me up on IG! @highriskfitness2.0

Don't forget to log your training in the comments below! I write this data down and use it to find trends in your guys' progress, which helps me program the training blocks!

First time? Check out the Training Guide

A) Farmer Carry

1x50ft @ 50% effort

1x50ft @ 75% effort

2x50ft @ 95-100% effort

*You can use dumbbells, a trap bar, or farmer carry handles if you have them. You should be moving as fast as possible, as dictated by the weight. Obviously as you get into the heavier sets, you'll move slower. Make sure to take plenty of rest time between sets, at least a minute or two if not more!


B) Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

8x8 demo

30 sec rest

Short rest periods, so use an appropriate weight. Something you could hit for 20 reps is a good idea. A little tip on incline bench: Take your head off of the bench (engages your upper pecs better) and let your elbows flare out a bit to really focus on your pecs. I don't recommend doing this with heavy weight, but with something a little lighter, it's a good way to pinpoint your effort on the upper chest.

C) Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press


increase weight and do:


increase weight and do:


2x10 @ original 1x10 weight


D) Sir Charles Lateral Raise

3x10 demo

E1) Tricep Cable Rope Pushdown

 6x8 demo

E2) Cable Bicep Rope Curl

6x8 demo

F) Abdominal Circuit

3 sets of:

Heel Tap Crunch x30 (15 ea side) demo

Forearm Plank x 1:00 demo


1. Assess your nutrition. Where are you slacking? Are you eating garbage like seed oils and stuff with soy in it out of convenience?. If you have nutrition questions, hit me up and let's talk!

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