Thursday, 12/23/21


First time? Check out the Training Guide


A) Farmer Carry


3x trips of ~50ft @ 90% of max effort

*You can use dumbbells, a trap bar, or farmer carry handles if you have them. Try to go as quickly as possible, as allowed by the load.


B) Dumbbell Bench Press



60 sec rest

Load will be dictated by this short rest period. It's a lot of reps, so plan accordingly!


C) Rolling Dumbbell Tricep Extension

4x10 demo

*60s rest

Be careful not to turn this into a close-grip dumbbell bench press. You should be making a similar motion to the skull crusher.

D) Sir Charles Lateral Raise

3x10 demo

E) Band Tricep Pushdown


Accumulate 100 reps demo


1. Cold shower first thing upon waking, as always! BUILD DISCIPLINE!

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