Thursday, 11/25/21


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Some shoulder, light bench, and tricep work today. Two more days of deload week and then we are back at going heavy again!

I'm anticipating plenty of feedback, so leave a comment with how the workout felt, any problems you encountered, or any questions you have. EVERYBODY should be leaving a comment detailing their performance in each portion!

A1) Wall Chest Pass

3x10 demo

A2) Burpee

3x10 demo

B) Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Half-Half-Full x5x5

*Starting at the bottom, 1/2 rep + 1/2 rep + 1 full rep = 1 rep demo

C) Barbell Upright Row

4x12 w/ 1-sec hold @ top demo

D) Single-arm Dumbbell Lateral Raise

5 minutes, switching arms every 10 reps. No rest. demo

E) 4 rounds for time:

Run x400m

Kettlebell Swing x21

Pull-up x10 (or 3/4 of a max set)

F1) Cable Tricep Rope Pushdown

5x10 demo

F2) Prone Neck Extension

3x15 demo

I highly recommend getting a neck harness to make this easier and more efficient. I like this one from EliteFTS


1. Try not to bring up politics at Thanksgiving (impossible!)

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