Thursday, 10/7/21

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Week 1, day 4. This is where you'll begin to see some movement patterns repeated in this cyclical style of training. Today's workout will be similar to Monday's in that it will focus heavily on upper body pressing.

I'm anticipating plenty of feedback, so leave a comment with how the workout felt, any problems you encountered, or any questions you have. EVERYBODY should be leaving a comment detailing their performance in each portion!

A) Plyo Push-up to Plate

3x5 demo

B) Plate Pinch Press

3x10 demo

C) Pin Press

6x1 @ 70% 1rm bench, 1 min rest between sets demo

D1) Single-arm Dumbbell Row

5x10 HEAVY each arm (use straps if ya got em) demo

D2) Decline Push-up

5x10 demo

E) Towel Pull-up

4xMax-2 (leave 2 in the tank each set) demo

F) Single-arm Dumbbell Carry

2x1 min of walking each arm. The goal here is to not lean away from the weight. Imagine a camera filming you but it can't see your hands. It shouldn't be obvious that you're carrying something. demo

G) Neck Flexion

4x10 demo


AM) Cold shower, 10-60 seconds NO HESITATION getting in = victory

PM) 10 minutes of stretching. Recommendations:

Couch Stretch

Lacrosse Ball Piriformis Release


If you're enjoying the program, tell your friends about it! The more guys we have on here, the bigger the community gets! Excited to start this journey with you guys!

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