Thursday, 1/27/22


Two more days of deload - next week we unveil our new training block! Expect some new exercises as well as the old standys.

Today will still be tough, especially these split squats. Dig deep and take the sets 1 by 1 until you're done.

First time? Check out the Training Guide

A) Shin Hop To Box Jump

5x1 demo

*If these are too tough right now, perform seated box jumps.

B) Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat

5x10 ea leg demo

*Lots of volume on these so don't go crazy on the weight.

C) Sumo Romanian Deadlift

4x8 @ 50% 1rm deadlift demo

D) Banded Hamstring Curl

4x10 FAST, explosive reps demo


E) 3 sets:


Toe Touch Crunch x30 demo

Heel Tap x30 (15 ea) demo

F) Dumbbell Preacher Curl

4x10 ea arm demo


1. I highly recommend creatine monohydrate. Don't get suckered into buying designer-brand creatines. Monohydrate is all you need. I recommend 10g per day to err on the side of saturation. Taking extra is harmless, as creatine is water soluble.

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