Thursday, 1/20/22


Put everything you have into today's session! Next week is a deload, where we will pull back on weight and volume a bit, but still get plenty of hypertrophy work done. Don't change your intensity level in the gym, this is still very important work!

First time? Check out the Training Guide

A1) Trap Bar Jump

7x3 demo

*Empty bar all the way up to 45's. I promise that nobody will benefit from more weight than that. Use DB's if you don't have a trap bar, but don't go too heavy.

A2) Jumping Lunge

7x4 (2 ea leg) demo

B) Sprint

10yd x 2 @ 75% effort

15yd x 3 @ 90% effort

C) Good Morning

6x4, building in weight each set.


*If you haven't done these before, don't get too crazy with the loading. You won't use as much as you can squat. Low bar position is ideal for these.

D1) Lat Pulldown

15-12-10-8, building in weight each set


D2) Dumbbell Straight-arm Lat Pulldown

4x8, same weight all sets


E) Hollow Hold

3x30s-1min depending on ability


*Here is a modified version if this is too difficult.


1. Take a video of your good mornings and send them to me, please. I want to make sure you guys are hitting these correctly!

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