Saturday, 10/23/21

First time? Check out the Training Guide

Starting next week, you'll begin to see more conditioning in addition to the training. No matter what ends you're using Algiz Black for, it's important that you complete the conditioning portions. We are trying to build the ultimate "do everything" athlete here!

You'll also start to see higher training volumes and new exercises next week, so please do not think "I feel good, i'm going to do extra today." We are priming you for a specific progression.

I'm anticipating plenty of feedback, so leave a comment with how the workout felt, any problems you encountered, or any questions you have. EVERYBODY should be leaving a comment detailing their performance in each portion!

A) Ruck

40 min w/ 20-30lbs

*Do not run, but walk at a fast pace. You can ruck on flat terrain or rough, it's entirely up to you! If you don't have a ruck, I highly suggest buying one. If budget is a concern, hit up a local surplus store!

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