Saturday, 1/15/22


Hey guys, i've gotten A TON of great feedback about the program so far. We've got 50 guys on here now, which is a big milestone. The more, the merrier. For you guys, more athletes means more people to interact with and learn from and compare training experiences with, etc. Who knows where this program will take us.

I wanted to offer you a bit of incentive..

If you've really been loving the program and have been seeing progress like you should, i'm asking for your guys' help referring more guys to Algiz Black. If one of your friends or followers signs up, i'll send you a shirt of your choice from the apparel shop for free, as a token of my gratitude toward helping expand what I hope will be a game changing training program. This program holds an especially dear place in my heart because of how many of you are from the same circles on IG. Maybe this will be bigger than any of us think. Who knows.

Anyways, if one of your friends does sign up, make sure to shoot me a DM and tell me who so I can send your shirt out!

Enjoy your weekend, fellas.


A) Ruck

60 min w/ 25% of bodyweight in pack

*Terrain does not need to be rough

*Fast walking, but primarily nose breathing

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