Monday, 12/27/21


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Alright fellas, Christmas break is over! I hope you had a good little break and spent some quality time with your families. Let's put our noses to the grindstone and get back to training hard. Kickin' it off!
For those of you who missed the explanation of the RPE scale, it has now been added to the training guide.


A) Bench Press

1x5 @ RPE 7

1x5 @ RPE 8

3x5 @ RPE 9

*You should be executing this lift with a 1-sec pause on the chest. No bouncing here!


B) Dumbbell Floor Press

2x20 @ RPE 10

*You will probably get less than 20 reps on the second set if your first one was truly an RPE 10. That's okay!


C) Chin-up Negative


*Add weight if you can!


D1) Incline Face Down Rear Delt Fly



D2) Rear Delt Partial Swings


*Remember, you can go pretty heavy on these, so don't skimp on the weight.


E) Rolling DB Tricep Extension

5x8 w/ 30-sec rest between sets


F) Abdominal Circuit

Heel Tap Crunch x30 (15 ea) demo

Toe Touch Crunch x30 demo

Forearm Plank x 1:00 demo

*Note how on the forearm plank, the athlete is rounding their back by tucking their hips in. That is the correct way to plank!


1. Cold shower first thing upon waking. As long as you wish. I just rinse off for maybe 10 seconds. Better wakeup than meth. (So i've been told!)

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