Monday, 12/20/21


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Getting the ball rolling this Christmas week with some shoulder pressing!
Today we are using what's called the RPE scale.
RPE is a way of self-modulating your effort. It's a 10-scale. an RPE 9 means you probably have about 1 left in you. RPE 6 means you've got 4 reps left in you. It's a way of judging your effort not based on a percentage of your max, but on how heavy the weight feels that day. Let's try it out.


A) Push Press

1x5 @ RPE 7

1x5 @ RPE 8

3x5 @ RPE 9


B) Seated Single-arm Lateral Raise


5x10 ea arm

*Increase difficulty a bit on the last two sets


C) Towel Pull-up


5xmax-2 (leave 2 in the tank each set)


D) Dumbbell Bench Press



E) Weighted Lateral Neck Raise

3x15 ea side


F) Run

30 sec FAST, 30 sec SLOW x10 


1. Cold shower first thing upon waking, as always! BUILD DISCIPLINE! It's getting colder, so everyone's water should be plenty chilly.

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