Monday, 12/13/21

First time? Check out the Training Guide

Starting the week off strong with some squat training. Get to it!


A1) Weighted Dip

5x8 demo

A2) Chin Up

5xMax-2 (leave 2 in the tank each set) demo

*no added weight for chin-ups today

C) Power Clean

7x3 demo

*Build weight each set

D) Sideways Incline Dumbbell Lateral Raise

4x12 ea side demo

E) Incline Dumbbell Seal Row

5x10 demo

F) Face Down Incline Rear Delt Fly

5x10 demo



1. Cold shower first thing upon waking, as always! BUILD DISCIPLINE! It's getting colder, so everyone's water should be plenty chilly.

2. ZINC is one of the most important nutrients you're probably deficient in. I HIGHLY recommend taking a ZMA supplement before bed, on an empty stomach. Usually 3 pills will be about 30mg of zinc aspartate.

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