Monday, 11/29/21


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Hope you guys are ready to refocus after Thanksgiving, because we've got a demanding week coming up. This program isn't easy and I honestly do expect a lot of you guys to drop off, but those that stick with it will reap huge progress.

VERY excited to announce the addition of Evan Rutledge to the coaching team! This program will be enhanced in virtually every way by his expertise. Expect lots of great new content as well.

A) Run

 1/4 mile x 3 w/ 2-min rest between

B) Plyo Push-up

6x3 demo

*45 sec rest

C) Bench Press

8x3 @ 50% of 1rm or 45% + light bands. demo

*30s rest

D) Plyo pull-up

10x1 demo

*30s rest

E) Neck Flexion

4x15 demo

F) Standing Decline Cable Fly

1x12, 3xmax drop sets demo

*Start with a weight you can barely get 12 clean reps with. Do that for the first set. Then drop by ~20% each set and do max reps at those weights.

G) Juarez Valley Push-ups

Watch the video for the best explanation of these. Record your time - each week we will try to do this faster!



1. Cold shower first thing upon waking, as always! BUILD DISCIPLINE!

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