Friday 1/7/21


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Alright fellas, let's get some speed work in today and work on our explosiveness!


A) Row

500m x 2 @ 75% effort. Same time on both sets is ideal

250m x 2 @ 75% effort

250m x 1 @ 100% effort

*The goal is to test your recovery ability. Was your final 250m row at 100% effort faster than your two rows at 75%, after being somewhat fatigued? If you struggled to get a better time, we know that we need to work on your ability to recover from that specific stimulus in that time domain.

B) SPEED Bench Press

9x3 @ 50% of 1rm with light bands OR 55-60% with no bands. demo

*You should be pressing the bar fast enough that the weights clank at the top. If they don't, its too much weight, regardless of %.

C) Incline DB Mechanical Advantage Drop Set

1 set:

Max reps @ high incline

20 sec rest

Max reps @ medium incline

20 sec rest

Max reps @ flat


D) Plyo Pull-up


30 sec rest


E) Weighted Neck Flexion

3x15 demo

F) Burpee

3 sets of max reps in 30 seconds demo


1. 10 second - 1 min Cold shower first thing upon waking. As cold as you can get it. NO HESITATION GETTING IN!

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