Monday, 1/24/22


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Hey guys, just wanted to congratulate you all on another successful training block! Some of you are putting up some seriously crazy numbers compared to where you started just a few short months ago.
This week, we are deloading. That does NOT mean that training should be easy, it just means that we are giving the connective tissues in your body a little bit of a break on total weight and volume to SLINGSHOT you into the neck hardcore training block. So, PUSH YOURSELF and stick to the rep scheme!

A) Air Bike or Run:

3 min max effort

*rest 2 min

2 min max effort

*rest 2 min

1 min max effort

*Goal here is to find out where you guys drop off as far as recovery goes, to find out which time domains the group needs to be working in. DON'T FORGET TO LOG YOUR RESULTS! We need this info!

B) Plyo Push-up


*30s rest


C) Bench Press

3x10 @ 55-60% 1rm


*Use Swiss Bar if available

D) Dumbbell Crucifix Hold


2x1 min


E) Barbell Shrug

3x10 w/ 1-sec hold @ top


*Go light and bring the weight up explosively

F1) Explosive Rotational Press

3x5 ea side


F2) Med Ball Push-up

3xMax-5 (leave 5 in the tank)

*If you can't do at least 10 in a perfect plank, go from the knee! Don't be prideful!


G) McGill Sit-up

4x12 ea side



1. Read Evan's blog post on recovery!

*Leave your thoughts on the recovery post!

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