Monday, 1/10/22


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Another fine week of thrashing our bodies and becoming specimens, fellas. Physical beauty and prowess is an important part of our spiritual health, don't forget that. Don't let the modern world tell you that every body is beautiful. It isn't. For beauty to exist, ugly must exist.

A) Run

800m @ 70% effort, 4 min rest

400m @ 80% effort, 2 min rest

200m @ 90% effort, 1 min rest

200m @ 100% effort

B) Bench Press

Work up to the heaviest possible set of 3 reps you can do today.


THEN, perform 3x3 @ 90% of that weight.

*If you were with us last week, GO HEAVIER than last week's 5 rep! This may take anywhere between 5-8 sets or so to accomplish. GO UP IN WEIGHT SLOWLY.

C1) Upright Row

4x12 w/ 1-sec hold @ top


C2) Pull-up


*Add weight if you can!


D) Explosive Rotational Press



E) Seated Cable Fly

2x1 min of reps

*Constant tension on the muscle - that's where your focus should be. NOT the amount of weight!


F) Hollow Rock

3x30 sec



1. 10 second - 1 min Cold shower first thing upon waking. As cold as you can get it. NO HESITATION GETTING IN!

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