Friday, 2/24/22



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More volume work today, directing our focus to the delts, traps and lower pecs! If you aren't trying to lose weight or lean out, this training phase would be a great time to increase your food intake for growth. 

A1) Depth Plyo Push-up

3x5 demo

A2) DB Windmill

3x3 ea side demo

B) Decline DB Bench Press

2x10 @ RPE 7
4x10 @ RPE 8 demo

Use your close-grip bench grip.

C1) Seated DB Shoulder Press

1x8 @ RPE 6
1x8 @ RPE 8
3x8 @ RPE 9

C2) Pull-up

5xMax-2 (leave 2 in the tank each set)

D) Seated DB Shrug

4x15 light w/ 1-sec hold @ top demo

E1) Barbell Upright Row

4x8 @ RPE 8 demo

E2) DB Skull Crusher

4x12 demo

F) Side Plank

3x0:30s ea side demo


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