Friday, 2/18/22

Last week's 5rm videos were awesome, guys. Don't forget to tag me in your IG stories so I can see how you guys are doing!

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A) Prone I-T-Y


3x5 ea variation demo

B) Depth Plyo Push-up

6x3 w/ 30-sec rest demo

C) Incline Dumbbell Bench


Mechanical advantage drop set demo

Using a weight you could get 15-20 reps with:

Max reps @ 60 degree incline

Max reps @ 30 degree incline

Max reps @ no incline

*Rest 20 sec between variations. Count total number of reps completed. (1 number)

E) Band Face Pull

4x12 @ RPE 9 demo

E1) Plate Pinch Grip Hold

5x30 sec demo

*1 min rest between

E2) Dead Bug

5x3 ea side demo

F) DB Skull Crusher

6x10 demo

*45 sec rest

G) Seated Incline DB Curl

6x10 demo

*1 min rest


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