Friday, 2/11/22

guinn squat

Algiz Black athlete Jason Guinn hitting 500lb x5 for yesterday's 5rm back squat. Monstrous!

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Like I said yesterday, next week, we will begin to release weekly videos describing the intention of the week's workouts along with other valuable coach's notes to make your training more effective and worthwhile. So Stay tuned for that.
Today we will focus on some hypertrophic upper body training, have a recovery day and then a rest day, and be ready for our final 5rm on Monday - the deadlift! After this, we will have the number we need to jump head first into this training cycle!

A1) Med Ball Plyo Push-up

6x3 demo

*The smaller the ball, the more ROM you'll experience. Work with what you've got!

A2) Plyo Pull-up

6x2 demo

*If you can't do pull-ups very well, we recommend using this time to perform 6x2 chin-up negatives.

B) Dips

8x8, add weight if possible demo

*Lean into these. Don't try to stay straight up and down, lest you compromise your shoulder!

C) Low Incline Swiss Bar Bench Press

5x10 w/ 60-sec rest between sets demo

*The guy in the video isn't using an incline bench, but you should. The bench should be approximately 15-25 degrees inclined.

*If you don't have a Swiss bar, use dumbbells with a neutral grip.

*Pause for 1 second at the top of each rep and try to squeeze your elbows in. Another thing that will help you hit the upper pecs better is lifting your head off the bench.

D) Low To High Cable Fly

10-15-20-25, decreasing weight each set. demo

E1) Dumbbell Wrist Rotation

3x15 demo

E2) Tricep V-Bar Pushdown

3x15 demo

F) Hollow Rock

30 seconds on, 30 seconds off x 10 min demo

*Modified version if you're having trouble with these can be found here.


1. Are you satisfied with your 5-rep maxes so far? What are you hoping to hit on deadlifts on Monday?

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