Friday, 12/31/21


Happy last day of 2020, fellas! Let's finish this year off strong and set some serious goals for 2022. You CAN make this your year. Time to set some fitness goals, hit our training HARD and with INTENT, and become what we know we're capable of. Remember, EVERYTHING in your life gets better when you're strong and fit. If you need some help goal setting, hit me up!

First time? Check out the Training and Warmup Guide HERE

Here we go...

A) Sprint


10yd x3 @ 75% effort

10yd x3 @ 90% effort

B) Deadlift


Work your way up to a heavy single / find a new 1rm.

*Make sure to do plenty of warmup sets working up to your max! Let's set a new 1rm for the end of the year!

C1) Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

4x10 demo

C2) Rear Leg Elevated Jump

4x3 ea leg demo

*If you start to slow down before the 12th rep, stop the set. No grinding on these!

D) Landmine anti-rotation

5x5 ea side demo

E) Single Leg Leg Extension

3x15 ea leg demo

*I want you starting at a 45 degree bend, no more. Just locking out!


1. Refer to the top of the workout - 2022 goal setting!

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