Friday, 12/10/21


First time? Check out the Training Guide

Starting the week off strong with some squat training. Get to it!


A1) Push Press

7x2, increasing weight each set to the heaviest possible for the day


A2) Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press


With a weight you could do about 20 reps with, perform 2 max sets with 2 minutes rest between each


C) Upright Row


4x10 demo

*45s rest

D) Side Neck raise

3x20 ea side demo

E) Standing Decline Cable Fly

Starting with a weight you could do about 12 reps with, do a max set. For 3 more sets, drop the weight by 20% and do max reps


F) Incline Face Down Dumbbell Shrug

4x12 demo

*45s rest

G) Juarez Valley Push-ups

Start with 11 and work your way down




1. Cold shower first thing upon waking, as always! BUILD DISCIPLINE!

2. Bone broth is one of the most nutritious traditional foods there is. Try this recipe out this week!

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