Friday, 11/26/21


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Thanksgiving carb-up should yield some fun results today!

My favorite pre-workout pump inducer: beet root powder!

Don't forget to comment with your workout results + notes!

A) Deadlift

4x10, increasing each set to the heaviest possible set of 10 demo

*These are going to be very taxing. Do not "bounce" the weight each rep. Dead stop on the floor.

B) Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

6x6 w/ slow, 5-sec descent ALL THE WAY DOWN demo

C1) Single-arm Dumbbell Farmer Carry

3x30 sec each arm demo

*Only use a weight that you can carry without leaning to either side. The benefit comes from walking completely upright.

C2) Zercher March

3x30 sec as heavy as possible demo

D) 4 sets of:

V-Up x15 demo

Heel Tap Crunch x30 (15 ea side) demo

E) Dumbbell Concentration Curl

5x10 ea arm demo


1. Begin to put together a reading list - make it your goal to read a certain number of books over the winter. Whatever you have time for, whether it be 1 or 5 books. What books would you recommend to other guys on the program?

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