Friday, 1/21/22


First time? Check out the Training Guide

Just a little bit further, guys. Today is your last training session before deload week. Time to hit it hard, have some fun, and then cruise right into the weekend.

A) Run


1/4 mile @ 75% pace
*Rest 3 min
1/2 mile @ 90% pace

B) Plyo Push-up



*Rest 30 sec between sets

C) Swiss Bar Incline Bench Press

1x4 @ RPE 7

2x4 @ RPE 8

3x4 @ RPE 9


*If you don't have a swiss bar, use a regular barbell. If you have been feeling fatigued or sore in the shoulders or chest, use dumbbells and perform 8 reps every set instead of 4. Please heed this advice, this is my way of personalizing the training for you guys based on how you're recovering!

*Remember, if you don't understand RPE, there's some info on it in the training guide. If that isn't comprehensive enough, there are a lot of articles there about what it is.

D) Dumbbell Lateral Raise

1x14 ea arm @ RPE 7

1x14 ea arm @ RPE 8

2x14 ea arm @ RPE 9


*Get a good rhythm going between transitioning from the incline press to the seal rows and back. Try to minimize your rest time today, even if weight takes a hit.

E) Rolling DB Tricep Extension



F1) Weighted Neck Flexion



F2) Forearm Plank

4x 1:00 min


*Do less or more time depending on ability, but set a goal for each set!


1. Reflect on the last few weeks of training. We are headed into a deload week and then Evan and I will be unveiling an entirely new block the following week which i'm very excited about. We're gonna make scary fellas out of all of you.

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